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Robert Indiana
Love, 1972, oil on canvas, cm 61x61

Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana was born in Newcastle, Indiana in 1928. After spending his youth moving to several places in the USA with his parents, in 1949, he registers to the Art Institute of Chicago where he decides to graduate in Painting and Graphics. His first exhibition was with two other artists, one of them being Claes Oldenburg. In the following years he obtains several scholarships for courses at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine, and the George Brown Travelling Fellowship. He takes a year of classes at the Academies of Edimburgh in order to obtain the B.F.A. of the Art Institute.
He travels to Europe with some fellow students that study in Paris: Bates, Lowry and Richard Carrot. They visit cathedrals in the north of France and of Belgium and also travel to Italy. After his return to the USA he establishes himself in New York.
In 1960 he makes his first constructions and in July of that year he participated in an exhibition “News Forms New Media” by Martha Jackson, New York, thanks to the interest shown by Rolf Nelson. French Atomic Bomb is his first exhibition in New York and the first works were sold and given to the MOMA, NY.
In 1963 two important institutions such as the Stedelijk Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery of Buffalo buy his works.
In 1964 he collaborates with Andy Warhol in the film Eat that films Robert while he takes mushrooms. In 1966 he opens his third personal exhibition at the Stable Gallery entitled “LOVE Show”, characterized by works in the letters LOVE, from sculptures to designs and to cardinal numbers and the second series of Numbers shown separately.
In 1968 he has his first personal exhibition in a museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art of the University of Pennsylvania. In 1971 his project LOVE culminates the realization of a giant sculpture in steel tall 12 FT in Lippincott, New Haven, Connecticut and is firstly shown in the magnificent spaces of the Indianapolis Museum.
Robert Indiana constantly works on producing multiplies, serigraphy's, and posters for various exhibitions. His LOVE work has even been shown on 300,000,000 eight cent USA stamps.
In the following years, Robert Indiana has exhibited in several major institutions, private and public galleries and museums around the globe such as the MOMA, NY, Seattle Art Museum, National Museum of American Art, Washington D.C., James Goodman Gallery of New York, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris and the Whitney Museum.
Catalogue soon available